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Empty room in apartment with hardwood floor and heater

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Here at Ultimate Underfloor Heating Solutions Ltd, we deliver underfloor quality heating systems across the UK. Order now or contact us today.

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  • Can underfloor heating be installed in my home?
    Absolutely! Long gone are the days when underfloor heating could only be installed in new builds and extensions. Underfloor heating systems can be installed in any existing home.
  • How much does underfloor heating cost?
    It all depends on the size of the area you want the underfloor heating system installed in, and what type of flooring is already down. The best thing to do is send a floor plan to and we can get a more accurate quote to you, and also send you a list of items you will need.
  • Is underfloor heating expensive to run?
    Having underfloor heating is much more eco-friendly than radiators, and, after the initial cost, is much cheaper to run. In-fact, it can save you around 25% of the energy you would use with the traditional radiator.
  • Can underfloor heating be installed on concrete floor?
    Absolutely! Message us to discuss
  • Can underfloor heating be installed on a timber floor?
    Absolutely! Message us to discuss
  • Can I install underfloor heating by myself?
    Anyone can install underfloor heating systems. We can give you a step by step plan on how to install the system to your property.
  • What are the benefits of underfloor heating?
    There are so many benefits to underfloor heating. As well as it saving you money it’s also much more hygienic, you don’t get the dust build up that traditional radiators cause. The heat is much more evenly distributed throughout the home. You can control the temperature easily. And not to mention the space saved, not worrying about a cupboard or curtain covering the radiator!
  • How long does underfloor heating take to warm up?
    This can vary, from a quick 30 minutes to a couple of hours depending on the system you have, and the flooring that covers it. We can discuss the best options when you message us.
  • Can I put carpet over the underfloor heating system?
    Floor covering is probably the most commonly asked question we get. The answer is, yes you can, however you won’t get the full benefit from the heat. The best type of floor covering is laminate or tiles.
  • Do I install underfloor heating under kitchen cabinets?
    Avoid installing the system under fixed cabinets and counters as the heat will only get trapped underneath.
  • Can we install the system for you?
    Yes! As well as providing the materials we can also send a team out to install the system for you. Please message us for a quote. We can also install the screed on top of the system for you so you have a smooth finished floor

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